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Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is usually performed to correct a physical abnormality or to enhance an otherwise normal physical feature thus improving the appearance. Cosmetic surgery is a broad and a diverse field that proffer reconstructive and reformative surgery for those patients that have been through an accident, have a burnt mark or other physical deformity or trauma on them. The cosmetic surgery can be effectively used for various cosmetic related enhancements such as smoothening of wrinkles, enlargement or reduction of breasts, reshaping of nose and modification of droopy eyelids to name a few.

Earlier, cosmetic surgery was practiced only over such patients or individuals that required only serious and enormously mandatory kind of health measures that happened in the wake of some serious life threatening accidents such as skin grafting in case of serious and severe burns, reconstruction of a broken eye, repairing of broken jaw or nose, removal or erasing of some prominent and ugly birthmark over face or any other visible body part etc. Initially, the advent of cosmetic surgery started post First World War as many such treatments were conducted that called for reconstructive treatment of injured soldiers.

The contemporary times have seen the popularity and the preference of cosmetic surgery growing manifold amidst affluent, famous and rich strata. The upper class and high end populace willingly shows inclination towards optional cosmetic surgery irrespective of the fact weather it is required for the sustenance or not. This medical stream that was earlier considered taboo and only intrinsically mandatory in case of severe reformative injuries, has now become an imperative part of elite class populace who want to look perfect always and all ways.

The actors, models and celebrities often go on an announced holiday and emerge after a couple of months looking more beautiful and refined. They take up specific cosmetic surgeries over the required body part and look prettier, younger and thinner. With the due onset of bold fashion scenarios and emergence of women on an equivalent perspective, cosmetic surgery has been widely encouraged and accepted in many societies. Men and women both go for a broad range of cosmetic surgeries that can be as minor a small tuck or snips to cosmetic surgery of the complete face.

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